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Our Products

Multiple Effect Evaporators (MEE)

We manufacture Industrial Multiple Effect Evaporators. The Evaporators are with 3 Effects to 7 Effects. Each Evaporator System is complete with Pre-Heater, Final Condenser, Feed & Circulating Pumps, Cooling Tower etc.

Our evaporators are designed for the best Steam Economy and are Claiming Film Type to handle high salt concentrations. Vapour recompression is applied whereever required.They are widely used for Reject management of RO Plants.

Multiple Effect Evaporators Multiple Effect Evaporators Multiple Effect Evaporators Multiple Effect Evaporators

Photon Accelerated Chemical Process(PAC)

We offer Photon Accelerated Chemical (PAC) Process for treating effluents containing hazardous organic compounds. This latest technology is developed by DRDO, Ministry of Defense, Government of India. PAC Process eliminates the conventional Primary and Secondary systems and has the unique advantage of "no sludge Process" and there by eliminating the requirement for hazardous solid waste management.

Any Effluent containing organic and toxic wastes shall be treated by PAC. The treated water meets the requirements of Pollution Control Board Norms in all parameters such as BOD,COD,DO etc,except for TDS.

Textiles, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Organic Industries etc are few of the Industries where PAC Process shall be applied.

Photon Accelerated Chemical Process

Secured Land Fill System(SLF)

We offer our services for designing and implementing Secured Land Fill. Secured Land Fill is offered to dispose hazardous solid waste generated either in the process of manufacturing or from the treatment of industrial effluents.

Before disposal to SLF, the waste is Sstabilized /Solidified in cement /polymer matrix by adopting the Technology developed by DRDO Ministry of Defense, Government of India.

Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

Sewage Treatment Plant(STP) Sewage Treatment Plant(STP)

QWMS offers complete solution for sewage treatment and recycling of the treated water for gardening and toilet flushing.

All sewage from residential./commercial complexes are treated for meeting the norms of Pollution Control Board. We offer the following processes for the treatment of sewage:

  • ASP - Activated Sludge Process
  • FBBR - Fluidised Bed Bio Reactor
  • SAFF - Submerged Aerated Fixed Film
  • MBR - Membrane Bio Rector

We also supply custom built STP in MS FRP lined construction.

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP) Effluent Treatment Plant(ETP)

We design, engineer, fabricate, install and commission the entire effluent treatment system to comply with the environmental standards, rules and regulation laid down by Pollution Control Board.

We have more than a decade experience to deal with the following treatment methods:

Preliminary Chemical Treatment, Secondary Biological Treatment, Tertiary Membrane Treatment and Multiple Effect Evaporators.

Primary Chemical Treatment

  • Oil Skimmers
  • Coagulation and Flocculation Tanks, Flash Mixers, Tube Settler/ Clarifier etc.
  • Lamellar Decanter
  • Inclined Plate Settler

Secondary Biological Treatment

  • Diffuser Membranes
  • Submerged Aeration
  • Membrane Bio Reactor
  • Dissolved Air Floatation

Tertiary Membrane Treatment

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Nano Filtration

Water Treatment Plant(WTP)

Water Treatment Plant(WTP) Water Treatment Plant(WTP) Water Treatment Plant(WTP)

We manufacture Water Treatment Plants of all capacity of flow. WTP depending upon the requirement shall be Simple Filtrations, Softening Plants, DM Plants, Membrane Systems.

Industrial Water Filters/Filtration Plants

We offer a wide range of Water Treatment Filters/plants to meet the requirement of industrial customers.

  • Iron Removal Filters
  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Dual Media filter
  • Activated  Carbon Filter
  • Micron Filters
  • Organic Scavengers

Water Softening Plants

The Softening Plants are designed either to operate manually or automatically. Our Softening Plants are MS Epoxy Lined, manufactured and tested in our factory before supply to customer. We also offer FRP moulded Pressure Vessels. Applications

  • Power Plants and Boiler feed water
  • Cooling Water
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hotel Industry
  • Process Water


DM Plants are used to Demineralise (Reduce the Total Conductivity) the raw water to use in Process Industries. Our plants are designed to operate with automatic Controls.

  • Counter - current design for better efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Compact - up flow design

Membrane Systems

We are specialized in manufacturing Reverse Osmosis water and waste water treatment plants of capacities ranging from 250lph to 100 m3/hr. Our Technical Association with M/s.Trisep Corporation, USA, enables us to design the best plant to achieve the highest recovery of water with maximum life of membrane.

We offer our RO plants for residential buildings, commercial complexes and industries. Our Reverse osmosis system specifically designed for the removal of TDS from the treated wastewater from textile, leather, chemical and other process industry

Ultra filtration

We offer ultra filtration plants as a combination with RO to enhance the life of RO membranes in waste water treatment plants.

Nano Filtration

We also offer Nano Membrane Filtration for separation of high molecular compounds from simple salts for industrial applications.

Zero Discharge System

Multiple Effect Evaporators

Zero Discharge System is to treat and reuse the effluent water without any discharge. This system includes

  • Preliminary Chemical Treatment,
  • Secondary Biological Treatment,
  • Tertiary Membrane Treatment
  • Multiple Effect Evaporator

We replace the Primary and Secondary treatment with PAC Process.