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Services of QWMS



We undertake consultancy for total water management.We study your requirement of water, available sources of water, generation of effluent etc. We analyse the quality of water from different sources and advise for the needed treatment systems. We study the usage of water and optimize the same. We study the sources of effluent and their quantity and characteristics, apply the principle of pollution abantment, suggest the most economical treatment. Our emphasise is for the re-use of water with minimum cost. We employ our Pilot Plants wherever required to study the treatability using membranes. Our report includes total water balance and cost of treatment and re-use. 


Design and Engineering

We undertake design and engineering for your specific requirements in the field of water management. A complete package service includes design.Engineering, identification of vendors and costing. We also offer our services for inspection, supervision of erection and commissioning.

Manufacturing, Supply & Installation

We fabricate all equipments in our factory, outsource OEM Products and supply the entire machinery and Install them at clients site.

Operation and Maintenance & Annual Maintenance Contract

We have a seprate department for O&M and AMC.The team headed by the Manager (services) is ready to take up operation and maintenance of water and waste water plants.Our services includes providing suitable manpower, chemicals, spare parts, consumables etc. We have, by virtue of our experience, carry out this activity systematically with proper records and communication. 

Laboratory Services

We have most modern laboratory to test any water. We study the quality of the souce of water as well as the quality of effulent. We also provide the laboratory services to our customers as per their requirement. Please visit SIAC LABORATORY.

Pilot Plant Evaluation

We have Pilot Plants for testing any type of membrane for its performance. The Pilot Plant is housed with pump, pressure vessel for membrane and all Instruments. The Pilot Plant is postable and can be employed at any site. Our experienced engineers will run the plant for evaluation. 

Rain Water Harvesting

We have done for many complexes the Rain Water Harvesting.Our systems are user friendly and maintenance free. Best results are achieved in harvesting the rain water and either for direct usage or augmenting the sources.

Swimming Pool Treatment Plant

We have done for many complexes the Swimming Pool Treatment Plant. Our systems are user friendly and maintenance free. Our client - Kerala Tourism Developments